Coming up... Myanmar 2016 by Phu Qui Nguyen

Things are getting real as my take off time rapidly approaches.  I haven't even booked my hotels yet!  But good thing, there's sweet trusty internet.  It seems like rooms are abundant, but November is busy season... so I guess we'll find out who's lying!  

I'll post my travel set up this time.  I'm going in hot.  With only one carry-on backpack, my trusty 45L adventure/camera backpack, no check-ins, and fewer items.  I don't know why, but traveling lightly seems like a better direction.  If I have space, I'll pack luxury items, but I mean that I can buy everything over there right?  This might be a hit or miss! Stay tuned to see if I made the right decision or not. 

Doing the Golden Circle of Myanmar, Yangon -> Bagan -> Mandalay -> Kalaw -> Inlay -> Yangon. I'm keeping this update short.  Pictures to come shortly of what I'm working with. 

Lastly, check out my IG for my latest work!  If I can't write about it here, it's going up on IG.  We just had an amazing session over at Black Velvet Pole Studios where we were able to one-on-one with Aerial Ginger  Ginger and all the ladies there are extremely dedicated to their art.  The focus and strength required was absolutely inspiring. Thank you for sharing your passion Ginger!