Parts Unknown / by Phu Qui Nguyen

Been thinking about Uncle Tony all day. Even if I didn't know him personally, many of us would spend 45 minutes with him once or twice a week to catch up on his latest adventures. Even though I haven't sat down with him lately, he's still like family you see every so often and somehow he imparts knowledge that you can be sure is rough all the way around, dimpled in the flaky crust over a very humble tender slice of pie.

I had no idea what traveling through life was, what experiencing the people around a hemisphere and filling a lifetime with experiences and relationships. Who knew. He kept it real for us at home in a not a world not generally accepted for reality. Uncle Tony experienced worse things growing up during rougher times, only one could imagine and be thankful that someone went through this in order to give us some insight at the end.

People are saddened by some loss due his physical well being fading into the airy existence. I like to think of him as that Uncle that is out adventuring, finding the next best thing. Don't say boo hoo, he owes anyone anything -- he paid his lifetime of dues as a father and creator. Just glad he's still enjoying the hunt elsewhere. Thanks for all those good trips around the world all these years, Uncle Tony. May your family find some peace in this all. Cheers.  1956-2018

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