Whoa Whooaaaa / by Phu Qui Nguyen

Hold your horses.  I should update more.  Been busy being outside where you should be too!  I'm starting to MLOG aka music log my trips these days.  Although I can't highlight everything there are some great moments and who wants to hear my funny voice anyway?!  

Earlier in July, I was invited to spend a few days driving with some of internet's finest Toyotas in Moab, UT.  You can follow along to the Top of the World and Seven Mile Rim Trail.  Thank you to Dev, Mas, Lau, Deb, Chr, and Pre (names shortened to protect the innocent) for making this a memorable trip.  Even with the troubles along the way, catastrophic axle failure, the team was able to venture on and enjoy the rest of the week.  

What a beautiful place on this Earth.  Where anyone can go, but sometimes you need a good ol' 4x4 to bounce and climb over land.  Thank you for taking us in Moab.