Gear Review: Fuji X100F / by Phu Qui Nguyen

I had an unboxing party for a new toy this week.  Actually it was just me, my cat, and my new Fujifilm X100F.  I'm downsizing a lot of my gear for future endeavors.  Sometimes having too much equipment can be a blessing and a curse.  It's amazing what you can capture with what you have available.  These days, professional equipment has certainly changed in function and form.  You can go oversized, packed with a slew of features or miniature, minimalist with the necessary goods.  These days, technology moves fast and always provides options for many different types of fellow photographers.  I wouldn't hesitate to place this camera in a range for professional use. 

Does that sound silly?  If so, you can interject or be in denial of this powerful compact that has now upgraded it's internal sensor to meet the demands that professionals have been touting for awhile now.  Canon and Nikon aren't the only ones in the game.  Whether you spent time around cameras or you're a new fresh budding artist, there's probably no doubt you've heard of Fujifilm, the same Fujifilm that produced some amazing film.  These days, the younger generation may have only heard of their film preset filters and it's not sad at all.  At least the new millennial pluses were exposed to some of the influences Fujifilm had on the world.  

X100F with JB Camera Designs hand grip. 

X100F with JB Camera Designs hand grip. 

Fujifilm is one of the few companies that listen to their audience and not just shove the camera in user's faces with reckless abandon.  As a fourth iteration, each model specifically became better through user ergonomics, adding and removing, buttons, rearranging layouts, improvements in the electronic view finder, improved sensor technology, and fast auto focus.  Some things never change though, they've had the same fixed Fujinon 23mm F/2 lens on the X100 series for their life.  For good reason, it's a reliable and simple setup.  With a leaf shutter planting itself in history from a land beyond time, SLR (single lens reflex) cameras such as the digital ones, are only a technology of the late 1800's. 

Now, we're not ones to leave our cameras naked.  Many times cameras aren't the most ergonomic but still highly functional.  Why not make some additions to add to the pleasure.  Pictured above is the JB Camera Designs X100F Grip in rigid polyurethane.   Not only for the body but for your lens as well.  Pictured below is a  JJC Lens hood  and B+W 49mm clear MRC nano filter as well. 

Now, on to some samples.  H'ordeurves for now.  Shot in "Astia/soft color" preset filter with no edit to the jpg file. Stay tuned for more shots as we get a feel for this little pocket rocket!!