Pray for rain / by Phu Qui Nguyen

Fire, fire, everywhere in California.  What the heck is happening?!!  Unfortunately it's been an extremely parched season.  Even a tossed cigarette or cars sitting in traffic next to dry brush can have some strange effects when introduced to nature.  When two objects collide, a sudden, spontaneous spark of energy manifests and it's not exactly the power of love. 

On Monday, we were in a mandatory evacuation zone due to the fires spreading too quick to contain.  We did our best that we could to get family, neighbors, and anyone that needed help.  I'm thankful to witness local authorities were working hard to get everyone to safety.  

Thank you to the Anaheim Hills Fire Department, Anaheim Police Department, Orange County Fire Departments, Orange County Fire Authority, Helicopter Transport services, and and all those involved with their blood, sweat and tears to get these fires put out.