Doing things a little bit different / by Phu Qui Nguyen

Happy New Year!  I regret the lack of updates and posts.  I am more active on IG at the moment but only because I like sharing pictures with you.  Sometimes I want to do it all and get sidetracked.  Life gets real, real quickly and you know how the story goes.. 

I just wanted to touch on a thought today.  I recently thought why are we always reading someone's review and taking notes on the next best thing to emerge from that location.  Whether it's a location to shoot or best place for your favorite food, we tend to read reviews which results in a deliberate plan of action.  Unfortunately, it doesn't allow us to think out of the box.  

Recently I thought about all the travel blogs and reviews I read about, make some plans around that, and give it a go.  Well I consider that a little bit bad for any of us that are trying to find some originality.  Like a wise man once said, "There's nothing new in this world. There's only a different arrangement of things." (1)  As I pondered what I was going to do, I decided to scrap my plans which would have me doing exactly as someone else, gathering the same points of view.  On this day, I ended up hitch hiking around the city to get to my destinations.  Something some may not recommend.  They might urge you to take a taxi.  In my case, I have had more bad run-ins with taxis than I did locals.  

I'm thankful for these lucky choices.  I would be missing out on some very beautiful memories, otherwise lost to convenience and someone else's ideas.  The thoughts I was preoccupied with, trying to be somewhere, I decided I'd make it work around me. 

Hiking around the city to get to Amapura to see the sunset over U-bein Bridge.  I missed catching the boat to see sunset along the bridge horizon but came upon beauties I would have missed otherwise.

snow (1 of 1).JPG

(1) Henri Cartier Bresson on The Decisive Moment