Work work work / by Phu Qui Nguyen

I feel like that's all we've been doing around here!  Naaaaahhhh-Tuh.  Not sure if you've been following our instagram feed at all located to the right of the blog, but we did a whole 5 days dedicated to @nationalparkservices!  It's a wonderful service of women and men that protect, conserve and educate our generations to come.  Our most recent post happens to be the oldest throwback pictures because I wanted to share some of my native land, that requires conservation of their own.  Much like any of these special parks and countries we can travel, it would be nice to protect it for future generations!  Recently, it's been in the local pacific northwest news that some people destroyed a local natural artifact made of sandstone.  This is definitely against rules of the playground, so why even start?  I know kids will be kids, but everything starts with respect.  Please be mindful.