About Istanbul / by Phu Qui Nguyen

Although when people see Istanbul, modernized and globalization might come to mind, but in a population of 14 million they're still catching up with the rest of the world.  You can see it in their everyday life.  Old and young partake in selfies along the Bosphorus divide, a sea of vendors delivering chai tea the old way, bazaars full of people, and their native culinary so delicious and untainted by Western taste buds.  You do have your conglomerates moving in slowly, and Turkey's Got Talent on the tele, but it's far from ruining their beautiful culture.    

Luckily I was able to see a different side of it, multifaceted due to it's natives and the many immigrants that have taken refuge, while that danger is still a very threat.  The country is still very much a nation-in-progress and behind the time due to social political issues.  Once upon a period, the country was bountiful with peaceful times and as a developing nation, they were on their way to a European Union for the past decade.  But due to interfering politics and a current "President" that supports fundamentalism in their nation, they are really reverting backwards.  While I was there, the potential threat for harm was high and being alert for caution was necessary.  

All the while, the people are as happy as can be.   Welcoming and inviting into their culture.  Friends have told me that south-eastern border, where the Syrian refugees are crossing, has allowed many appreciative human beings.  In all the ugliness of current events, you'll find a very colorful and vibrant heart beating in this country.