Planning / by Phu Qui Nguyen

I've been a wee bit busy getting plans together and booking some flights.  I was actually wanting to explore SE Asia again.  Behold!!!  Okay, it's not that exciting.  I ended up finding cheap tickets to Myanmar.  It's my first time back to SE Asia since.. 2011 and I'd hardly call that SE Asia.  SE Asia reminds me of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, but I was in South Korea, where everything is developed and it's one of the power economies in Asia.  Some of the best ways to explore is sometimes add stopovers to certain places.  Although it's not a stopover exactly, but I planned to fly out of JFK instead of LAX for a change and making a stop to visit some good friends makes it even more worthwhile.  Also along the way, I have a couple stops in China that give me a day to explore.  I thought I'd give it the ol' good college try!   

I don't think I'm any worldly traveler.  I'm just finding out that many things can be achieved with some research and decisive decision making.  Learning how traveling with credit card points and mileage has been a headache, but I hope to be able to share that with some of you all.  I'll be roughing it at lots of these spots and considering backpacking if I can pull out my sleeping bag somewhere.  But we'll see.  I'll be updating my travel gear.  Normally I have all my camera equipment, but I'll be traveling lighter and packed for only a couple days at a time.  New and scary is O-KAY!  

Meanwhile, let me update my trip from Istanbul this year in my next post.  It was somewhat hectic around the holiday schedule and I was lucky not to get caught in the crossfires of the socio political strife that has been occurring there.  And if you've been following the news, it was a hotbed of attacks and the recent coup attempt by the "rebel military".

More on this scoop soon!!