AIRBNB Bad & Good / by Phu Qui Nguyen

Since I've been traveling and shooting around the world, I've noticed the pluses and negatives of choosing where to stay.  It can all be preference.  


  1. Charge for cleaning & some odd taxes, makes the room just as much as hotels (sometimes)
  2. Confirmation of available dates.  Important!  As out of town guests don't want to be stuck without a room.  I was denied without reason.
  3. Since it's by private individuals, this isn't available everywhere...yet!
  4. Make sure to read reviews!  You don't want to stuck in a room, much like a hotel room, you're not happy with.


  1. Easy to navigate UI
  2. Simple booking system
  3. Large spectrum of locations to stay for varied budgets!
  4. More personal experience as you're renting someone's personal space for use.
  5. The host can be your personal host on places to visit while in town!
  6. Save $35 with your first stay below by clicking!