Perfect weekend / by Phu Qui Nguyen

Sequoia is one of those places you can go to and learn something new each time you touch ground.  I've been to Sequoia and King Canyon on separate occasions.   Once with a group hiking around Sequoia to their many water falls and another trip on motorcycle to Kings Canyon where we hiked the back trails.

This time we ventured deep into the mountains covering lots of ground on 4x4s, uncovering some amazing views and off-grid camping locations.   We even ran into US Forest Ranger who was super cool with our off-trail (but respectful) shenanigans. 

The perseides meteor shower was a success.  I didn't catch a bunch of meteors while shooting, but just one amazing shot was enough for me.   This makes me thankful for everyone that has thought of me in a world so vast.  Only a handful will be able to brave the elements and live to talk about it.  


Thank you to ExplorExpeditions, Jeff for organizing.  Thank you to Conson for making it happen with his Limited 4runner.  Thank you for the kitchen crew.  Thank you for fellow photogs and adventurers.  Happy days!