Beauty in the Process / by Phu Qui Nguyen

Since we're new to this nook of the interweb space, we won't bore you with our site updates.  While working on some projects and I was reminded that many times we're only limited by our creativity.  All the money in the world can buy an end product, but it won't help you realize potential and beauty in the process.  

Whether you're out for your lunch break or walking home on your commute, you probably forgot to close your eyes, breathe a deep breath of fresh air and listen to the sounds of the city.  These things have gone unnoticed easily because they have become so routine.  As much as I want to have today's instant gratification, I want to realize the story that comes along with it.  There's more to just putting our money on the counter.  But you might say you worked hard, so why should you do more work?  The life is made of many processes or maybe just one part of a larger process.  What is one more thing to add?  All we do is understand, adapt, and learn.  It's a beautiful depth of life.  Understanding that there is more than just understanding there's an end.

DIY of handmade birthday card, Music: Wreck It Ralph - Henry Jackman