I told my baby that it's long past due, but we're going to make it! / by Phu Qui Nguyen

Heyyyyyyyy (with a little flare)

Thanks for stopping by.  If you're here, I probably made you come check out my journey as a photo-capturer-of-the-moment-guy.  So most likely it's just family and friends, but if I just had met you or we didn't have a chance to meet yet, welcome, welcome!  Take a seat, put your feet up, enjoy the free ice-cold AC on this sunny heat soaked day, and take a load off as I do my clickity-clackity on the keyboard here.  

I had been putting off starting my page, making every excuse in the book about why I was busy and it was about to get to end of the land of Never Never.  Like many of you, we probably have tens of thousands of pictures that we have yet to share.  Social media has hired us to share as many pictures as we can and frankly, we're all sick of it.  BUT I hope you've learned something by stopping by.  Here there's no pressure.  You can love it, you can HATE it.  You don't have to respond to me.  You don't even have to pretend to like me like your least favorite relative.

This page for now is mainly for my portfolio to share some of my followed work.  Even though I use instagram, I'm not into the smaller than my eye can see 1024x1024.  We want resolution!!! I may share other things, non-photography related, D-I-Y, interviews, current events, and maybe lots of random thoughts and stories.  Thanks for stopping by.  

That-that-that's all folks.

Over and out!

Long time coming, Cover Page, Istanbul, December 2015

Long time coming, Cover Page, Istanbul, December 2015