Stand Up Together or Stand Out... / by Phu Qui Nguyen

So a couple hours ago, the news reported a triple bombing at Ataturk Airport (IST), the hub for travelers flowing through Istanbul, Turkey.  I could never understand a shred of why this happens to innocent victims.  As if the dire consequences of life were not enough, someone decided they would be a catalyst causal of hate-fueled, misunderstood, adolescent teen-like angst.  Stop rebelling and try understanding people for once will you?  Not to get political while just starting this blog, but most of all my condolences to those involved and with families effected.  

A nice passage my friend Jessica wrote earlier:

"World peace begins within each one of us. If we can be nice to strangers, maybe the terrorist will have a change of heart? Maybe he/she will understand we are all just human beings and we are all in this together? Smile more to a complete stranger! Give each other eye contact like we are watching out for each other! Engage daily conversations with each other! The world of Internet has separate and us and that's why it made it so easy for these suicide bombers to attack! But don't let the enemy knows we are in this together and we will come together and protect our communities and country! Make our community tighter so we can know every one of our neighbors! We can find out where they come from and what they do! If this is a norm, the terrorists will stand out in our communities and we can help save hundreds of lives! Only human kindness will save this world.."

Istanbul holds a special place in my heart and nothing could take that away.  Not machine guns, not even explosive hate.  Bring it on!  I'll keep coming, sharing my experiences, delving into the culture, meshing my own learned studies, spreading my love for one another for your people.   Just try and stop me.

Istanbul, December 2015

Istanbul, December 2015