Is something better than nothing? / by Phu Qui Nguyen

I just got in yesterday from NYC after a 2 day hiatus from Myanmar.  It's amazing how effective jet lag is in keeping awake and asleep at all the wrong hours. 

I didn't have my laptop with me during this trip, so logging in with my smartphone was incredibly worse than a slow dying death (I assume).  Internet is really a new introduction to Myanmar.  6 years ago, it would be difficult to find cellular connection or internet booking.  Imagine the 90's and "free AOL" and what it would be like to unlock Pandora's box to the wealth of information.  In the past few years, Myanmar has leveled up in the internet ages and they've thrown out those old Encyclopedia Brittannica for Wikipedia!  These days, all hotels are connected and you can purchase a sim card to do so at the airport, but don't do that... at the airport, they'll scam you just as bad as the scammers outside.

I have lots of subjects to touch on.  Packing for such a trip, how to pack (for myself).  Being a travel photographer, what gear did I bring?  Watching out for certain scams, what happened to me and what did I learn?  How much money did I really spend on this trip?  All will be revealed.  Stay tuned!

Next time your friend tells you he lives in the Valley, make sure he means what he says...