Down Town Fotos was originally created with a love for wanderlust and the development of our own being in different environments.  The inception was the idea of two friends that couldn't get enough of creating and sharing our adventures.  Somewhere along the way, cameras fell down out of the sky and into our laps.

Their story started 25 years ago with their cameras in hand, their first Nikon automatic film cameras. On the very first roll... they were invited to help with some personal wedding pictures.  As the day went on, through the first 36 exposures and another 36. Consequently, (somebody they promised would not mention names, *James  ahem ahem) had forgotten to mark their exposed rolls. They had mixed them up and made double exposures over their single roll.  You can only imagine the laughs after processing.  What a rough beginning to a beautiful journey...

We are constantly improving ourselves everyday through one negative at a time. We're harshly spontaneous photojournalists with a touch of editorial cleanliness, capturing many of life's joys and even less-than-joyful moments thru glimpses in time.  We'd like to invite you to the Down Town Fotos experience. 

All images and videos  posted on this site belong to downtownfotos.com and it's owner, unless stated otherwise with credit linked to original authors.  These images are not to be duplicated for any use of revenue generating activity.

Sunny Downtown Los Angeles, 01/2016